15 Brilliant Hacks For Annoying Problems Around The House

At some point in our lives, maintaining a home is a task that many of us have to do in some way, shape, or form.Luckily, thanks to a lovely invention called the Internet, many household struggles are no longer as annoying as they once were because simple solutions are available at our fingertips in an instant.To see one of these picture-hanging tricks and more, check out the list below. It has a solid collection of household hacks that everyone can benefit from!

1. Bathroom Smells

Eliminate nasty odors while also giving your toilet bowl brush a bit of extra scrubbing power. Pour your favorite scented cleaning product into the holder.

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2. Hose Storage

Never trip over a bulky watering hose again! Make it easy to transport around your property by storing it in a galvanized bucket

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3. Rust-Free Knives

If rust has built up on your kitchen knives, soak them in lemon juice and wipe clean with a sponge or cloth. To prevent future rust, avoid putting knives in the dishwasher and don’t let them sit in the sink covered in residue. 

4. Soft Brown Sugar

Never let brown sugar harden and go to waste again with this simple trick! Simply place a couple of marshmallows inside the bag and seal it for long-lasting freshness. 
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5. Secure Garbage Bags

Stop plastic bags from falling into your garbage bin by using adhesive hooks. Definitely writing this idea down…
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6. Easy Painting

Holding a paint tray in one hand while trying to edge a room with the other can be difficult, especially if you’re up on a ladder. Make this task easier by pouring your paint into an empty milk jug with a sturdy handle!

7. Heat Two Things At Once

If you can’t fit more than one bowl in the microwave at once, use a coffee mug to prop up the second one. Less time waiting impatiently staring at the microwave. 
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8. Hang Photos Easily

Figure out where you want your photo to hang on the wall and add a small blob of toothpaste to its hanging mechanism. Gently press the picture into the wall to transfer the toothpaste and then simply drive your nail through the mark!

9. Fresh Dishwasher

Every once in a while, your dishwasher should go through a serious deep clean to prevent stagnant water and other icky buildup.To do so, simply place a dishwasher-safe container filled with white vinegar on the top shelf of an empty dishwasher. Run a normal cycle and then remove the container of vinegar.Next, sprinkle a cup of baking soda along the bottom of the dishwasher and run another cycle.

10. Mat Slippage

Prevent a mat from slipping and sliding around on the floor by adding a few lines of hot glue to the bottom of it. Simple, but effective. 
YouTube | HouseholdHacker

11. Loud Cupboards And Drawers

If you have cupboards and drawers that make loud noises when you close them, use some tape and hot glue to create bumpers that soften the impact. This is key for parents who don’t want to wake up those sleeping babies. 
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12. Soap Scum

Instead of giving your tub a deep clean every few weeks, maintain it consistently by using a mixture of vinegar and dish soap in a scrub wand on the tiles while you shower! Anything keep me off my hands and knees scrubbing.

13. Pet Hair In Carpets

If you have pet hair accumulating in your carpets, running a rubber squeegee over it makes cleanup much easier. This will work on hard floors or carpet. 

14. Blind Cleaning Tool

Secure a microfiber cloth to a pair of tongs using elastic bands. Grab your favorite household cleaner and use it and the tongs to clean dirty, neglected horizontal blinds. 

15. Open Difficult Lids

Finally, if running a jammed jar under hot water doesn’t loosen it and there is no one else around to help you out, use a strip of duct tape to get the job done! This is key for those guys who don’t want to admit they can’t open the jar. 
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