People Are Leaving Bad Reviews For This ‘Herb’ Grinder, Not Realising It’s For Weed


Ignorance can sometimes be bliss. It can also make you look a tiny bit silly if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

I have seen a weed grinder in action and it most certainly does get the job done. But a word to the wise – it does not work well for herbs. I don’t blame them, Ohuhu’s grinder is advertised on Amazon as suitable for herbs, even though most people should know otherwise.

If you don’t know what a cannabis grinder is, it helps crush up your weed so you can use it in a joint or bong. It essentially saves you sitting there with scissors, trying to chop up your stuff.

After buying the product, some shoppers were not happy with their purchase…

Credit: Amazon

Some people even thought it would be good for grinding coffee beans…

Credit: Amazon

Clearly the advent of weed grinders online has made it impossible for people to find good old kitchen utensils.

The reviews are nearly as funny as the ones posted for actual uranium that you can buy on Amazon.

Most online shoppers buy it for small-scale science projects – but others had different ideas in mind.

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The amount of fake reviews clearly pissed off some shoppers as they couldn’t tell whether it was a joke product or not.

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