Fidget Spinner ‘Explodes’ And Ends Up Lodged In A Wall


Fidget Spinners are everywhere at the moment. You go to the supermarket, there’s a kid pissing about with one. You get public transport, someone is spinning one. You sit at home and you can still hear the faint sound of one going round and round.

They’re slowly getting to that point when they’re just going to be a complete annoyance and defeat their object of de-stressing someone. It’ll be like most playground toys that get about, they’ll end up in a draw unused for years.

Until then though we’ll see lots of them, in person and slathered across videos on Facebook and Twitter.

There’s clips of people doing tricks with them, putting them to the test in terms of durability and getting them to full speed to see how much it hurts when it hits you.

At this point, they’ve literally done nothing for stress and attention spans – only bringing more danger to life.

A mum was even worried after her son ‘almost lost an eye’ while playing with one.

The Australian woman, known only as ‘Molly’, said that the incident took place when her 11-year-old son, Isaac, was showing friends some tricks.

Speaking to Kidspot, she said: “He threw the spinner up a little higher and he didn’t manage to catch the spinner but it came down and clipped the corner of his eye and crunch.

“He was very lucky not to lose his eyesight let alone his eyeball.”

Kidspot reported that Isaac has been left with scarring on his eye which ‘prevents him from seeing out of the corner’ and has to turn his head in order to see.

Someone else has really tried to put the toy to the test, using an air compressor to see how fast it can really go.

Obviously we’ll never know because there’s no way of recording its speed, but it did go so fast that it ‘exploded’.

Well, that’s what people think anyway. It could just be a case that the nozzle of the compressor hit one of the prongs of the toy and it flew out of the vice.

Credit: Scott Middleton

It was going so fast when it began to fly though that it ended up lodged in a wall, which is pretty terrifying. Imagine being stood in the way?

The moral of the story? Get a deck of Pokémon cards. And if that does get a bit brutal and lairy, settle your differences in the Beyblade arena.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

Credit Article via Lad Bible