MMA Fighter Suffers Brutal Four-Second Knockout


When it comes to MMA, things are obviously intense.

You train for months, conditioning your body to take as much punishment as possible, while making sure you’re strong enough and have the cardiovascular stability to go hell for leather for three or so rounds.

However, as we know, things can be over pretty quickly. You can only imagine that once the high of a win has worn off, it’s a bit annoying that you’ve trained that long for only a short fight.


But it looks great for the cameras, and makes you look like a real hard case, so that’s good.

Amateur fight Jordan Fowler experienced that over the weekend, putting his opponent to sleep with literally the first attack on the bout.

It took him four seconds to land a kick right on Dylan Goforth’s sweet spot at Pyramid Fights 2 at White County Fairgrounds last weekend.

Credit: Pyramid Fights

This became the Arkansas state MMA knockout record and Goforth’s first ever MMA loss.

A shame, but he can’t really complain; he’s been done here.

Luckily for Goforth, his quick knockout was nowhere near as embarrassing as Jason Solomon’s 2015 defeat.

Solomon, a true showman, decided he’d take the piss when entering his fight with Amitesh Chaubey at Capital Collision.

He walked out flanked by girls, did a little dance, swung on the cage and gave his opponent an intimidating look. But then, the worst thing possible happened. And for your added entertainment, Ozzy Man Reviews does a running commentary…

Credit: Ozzy Man Reviews

The ultimate embarrassment. He’s barely got time to blink before Chaubey’s right has him on the ground and an onslaught of punches rain down on him.

The ref steps in and ends the fight, but the damage is already done to Solomon’s reputation, which is presumably still in tatters ever since this happened.

Things he could have done in those nine seconds before he had his lights put out:

  1. Walked to the cage normally
  2. Not been cocky
  3. Walked away from the ring (normally)
  4. Not been cocky
  5. Reassessed his demeanour as a fighter
  6. Not been cocky

Let this be a lesson to anyone who might think they’re nails.

Featured Image Credit: Pyramid Fights

Credit Article via Lad Bible